Johnson city standout Midfielder DJ Neer announced his commitment to Division II Mercyhurst. Neer put up 78 points off 34 goals and 44 assists in 2022. He is a 2-time All-Division midfielder and a 2020 Under Armour All American. He plays his club ball with Gaffer Elite and F4.

DJ is a fast and dangerous dodger using both hands and speed to break down a defender. A huge pickup.

Bo Flynn (Johnson City Head Coach)

I’ve had the pleasure of watching Neer play in person numerous times and my impression is that Flynn is 100% correct. Not only can he dodge, but he can dodge and re-dodge and re-dodge again all while remaining in control. He takes risks, but he reads space well and does a great job getting himself into position to find gaps in the defense which lowers his risk while getting at the cage.

He’s a truly complete offensive player. He is more than capable of creating for both himself and his teammates as evidenced by his 44 assists in 2022. You don’t put up 40+ assists without being better at lacrosse than almost everyone you’re playing against. He shoots well on the run dodging down the ally, a staple for midfielders at the college level. At the high school level he is quick enough to get ahead of, and then underneath defenders on ally dodges which creates a lot of quality shots. He has a quick release and is ready and willing to let it fly anytime he has space (and he’s good at both creating and finding space). I can’t say enough nice things about the kid as an offensive talent.

Other Section 4 athletes that have recently played for Hurst include Jared Butler (Vestal), Mason Mabee (Vestal) and Nate Latshaw (Elmira).